Four Loko Stories
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LOKO IHOP: I went over to a friends house for a party, intending to be able to drive home that night... until Four Loko and I were introduced. In the span of an hour I had 2 Loko Lemonades and half of a Watermelon Loko. I then proceeded to wash those down with a Steel Reserve tall boy. ... After swinging from a bathroom door(a story of which I later found out) I woke up face-first on the floor a few hours later. My brother picked me up and took me to IHOP, where I attempted to eat hash browns but could not form my mouth well enough to chew. After this I journeyed to the bathroom of where I puked more than I ever have in my life and slept face-first on the IHOP toilet seat. A month later I still cringe when I hear the word Four.
Loko: 453
Not Loko: 409

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