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yoooo: so i decided 2 have 3 four lokos the other night. we were pre-gaming to go to a party at my girlfriends house. But i never got to the party, on my way there my friend who was driving got pulled over for not having his headlights on(he was sober) the cop asked if i was drunk and i told him i fisted his grandmother with a hulk hand. then he said excuse me sir, then i exited the passenger door where i started swinging at him but never connected. he took out his taser and tazed me but it didnt seem to get to me and as i was going to chase the cop again a mazda 3 going about 30 MPH hit me as i was going after the cop. i landed about 10 feet away bloody as hell. but i got up, ran towards my friends car and started screaming at him telling to leave because nazi zombies were coming.(i love black ops) later that night i ended up in jail on a $2,500. my great friend bailed me out the next morning. thanks four loko, im never drinking again.
Loko: 530
Not Loko: 445

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