Four Loko Stories
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M.: Smart enough not to leave the house, this is my IM messaging to a friend after 2.5 Lokos..(spelling has been fixed so its readable) 10PM.. M: get me off i need to cum long pause.... 5 hours later.... OK so I woke up at 245 with a vibator in my ass and dildo in my pussy, sleeping on my back (which I NEVER do) watching master & commander on tv..thats shit needs to be banned M: oh and wearing headphones evidently watching porn M: my phone is missing and I seemed to have messaged joe instead of you in a bunch of posts M: now i cant get back to sleep and I'm afraid to take anything M: oh and my panties are soaked =) M: found my phone, stuck in the couch M: 2 xanax it is M: you're lucky i don't call you
Loko: 125
Not Loko: 147

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