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Julieffinryan: Okay first off, a good representation of the night, and this amount of four loko+alcohol split between four people: myself and three male friends. Pretty fucking insane. If you can't see the picture, we bought 10 of them, one of each flavor and a few doubles, a bottle of captain morgan spiced rum, and a twelve pack of Lionshead. way ridiculous for four people. We drank furiously, slamming down the four, sloshing four in huge beer mugs with the captain, and annhilating the twelve pack almost immediately. All of a sudden, a massive crash, as one of the boys slams a window down too hard in all of his four loko superstrength and glass covered the kitchen. This lead to an all out thrash fest intended only to destroy the entire house. Breaking other dishes and glasses ensued, as well as extending rolls of toilet paper throughout, and wrestling / rolling around in the mess of broken glass and sticky bullshit. One of the boys attempted to initiate sex, and turning him down abruptly because I was only interested in destruction, he is filled with rage and races out of the house barefoot and up the street screaming madly. I, in turn, become enraged, and attempt to take a bicycle up the street to look for him, failing miserably as I fall immediately and destroy my knuckles on the street, creating an open bloody gash on my right hand. All of a sudden, the other roommate, a girl, comes home and is mortified of the destroyed house. Drunken madness ensued as she begins fighting and screaming with her significant other male, and I get involved wrongfully, and after telling me off, I get upset and grab my keys (oops) to attempt to search for the one who ran off earlier. I have with me a half drunk can of four. She comes outside attempting to stop me from leaving and grabs my keys and starts walking away. I make a futile effort to stop her by throwing the half empty can at her, and it douses her from head to toe. She freaks out and grabs my face with her nails SO HARD and punches me square in the mouth twice. I fall backwards and then start crying like a little bitch and take off dramatically in my car. While driving I catch a glimpse of the one lost boy and the significant other running through yards and leaping over fences like track runners after eachother. I follow them with my car to see them rolling around wrestling and hitting eachother in the middle of the street. They keep going and make it to the train station. When I get there, I become so enraged by this sight that I grab the one who tried to initiate sex, and start slapping him angrily and grab him by the throat (presumably in the fashion of the girl who hit me earlier) and try to take him away from this public place. It doesn't work so I decide to drive to Atlantic City? In a flash I was there, which is strange, and not memorable. Considering I was coming from Egg Harbor City, its a decent drive, but I guess I had a blast. Blackout time. Suddenly I'm on New York Avenue as I've crashed my car into the curb. Several men, who's faces I can't recall, approach me, and are shocked to see me I presume because my face is a bloody mess and I'm crying and in desperate trouble with a completely flat tire. Well like good Samaritans, they assist in changing my tire, but before they can get the hubcap on, I become paranoid and some strange four-loko force within me told me to flee the scene. So I take off with the door open, without saying thank you -.- and head back towards ???? wherever/???? I wake up the next morning in the boy who I slapped's truck. We're in Linwood, in an esteemed neighborhood in front of a huge house and the sun is agonizing. (What happened) At some point after fleeing the scene I got in contact with him and he met me at McDonald's where we preceded to have a fist fight , I have no idea why, but I guess it was in the spirit of the night. He told me it was pretty brutal. We treated eachother like worst enemies. WHY?!? I LIKE this kid!! In fact, we all love eachother and are great friends. The only explanation I can have for such rage would be the four loko.
Loko: 124
Not Loko: 138

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