Four Loko Stories
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KILLAK: Decided to go bowling and try out a 4loko ahead of time. I drank one, and so did my friend. We then stopped on the way to bowling and split another alcohol/caffeine drink "Joose". We got to the bowling alley which I remember but the memories stopped shortly after that. I was told I bought french fries and signed my name as "My Little Pony" on the receipt and asked the guy "Will this work?". Then I went up the janitor working there and told him I felt sorry for him b/c he had to carry a bucket around that said "janitor" on it. I also stole someones stuffed animal off their table and hid it under our chair while they clearly watched me do it and came and took it right back. I pushed over the tip jar and stole all the money but luckily did not get caught and my friend only let me keep 1$. some other random things occurred that I have no recollection of. This stuff is nuts! WARNING do not drink more than 1!!!
Loko: 119
Not Loko: 127

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