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DUB: So on a random Thursday night me and a couple of my friends(one who happens to work for 4 Loko) decide we didn't have nothing else to do so we were going to grab two 4 Lokos apiece. After about one and a half and a couple shots of Cuervo that's when I said to myself "I'm not going to make it". I ended up falling asleep at my friends house, which I don't remember and waking up a couple hours later. When I woke up all I saw was blood on the sheets from my knee being busted and my friend comes in the room and says "what the hell happened last night it sound like you fell into something". I didn't know what she was talking about because I don't remember even getting up. Then I decide to get out the bed and stand up and that's when I realize my fuckin shin is swollen, my knee is busted, and my ribs are bruised as shit. It hurt for me to laugh for two weeks and I still don't remember what happened......Oh yea, and supposedly I fell into some furniture and broke some shit, but I won't know how because I was banned from her house.
Loko: 346
Not Loko: 366

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