Four Loko Stories
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catwhisperer: After three four locos I was sitting on the porch feeling randomly emotional and the neighbor's fat orange cat wandered up to the house. I thought it was a stray and picked it up and started dancing around with this cat in my arms talking and singing to it saying "you're just a stray kitty and you don't have an owner cuz nobody loves you but it's ok cuz nobody loves me either and i like you even though you have fleas, you can be my kitty i'll take care of you..." etc. etc. I guess I was alternating between laughing and crying and apparently this went on for like an hour. There was a crazy thunderstorm that night and when i got bored with the cat, i remember yelling "I gotta go watch the storm!" and took off running across the street. I woke up soaking wet on the steps of the Old Capitol Building.
Loko: 56
Not Loko: 58

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