Four Loko Stories
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Kait.: After one loko, a beer & a long island.. let's just say I was a fucking shit show. According to the scrapes on my hand, knees and top of my foot, I'm pretty sure I fell down a million times on my way home. **** & I practically fucked on the stairs outside of my apartment. The only neighbor of mine that I actually know had to squeeeeeeze past us just to get up the stairs. ("Oh, hey, Joe!") Laid down on my living room floor and proceeded to drunk dial my ex-boyfriend. Hung up with him, rolled over & vommed. Got up, stumbled to the restroom, and sat down on the toilet , peeing & leaning over the bathroom sink to vomit at the same time. Passed out in that position & woke up a few hours later. I. HATE. FOUR LOKO.
Loko: 460
Not Loko: 435

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