Four Loko Stories
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Randy Savage: it was halloween and we were in NYC dressed up at 90s wrestlers. My buddy's new apt is above a chineese restaurant, and he told us we didn't have to worry about making noise anymore. So, we chugged our first Lokos with some beer. Turns out, to rub in the fact he didn't care about noise, he started stomping around, to which we all followed suite. The chinese waitress came up to tell us that the customers were complaining from the noise, to which he yelled 'godzilla!' and kept stomping. Grabbed 10 more lokos, and then 6 more, immediately blacked out. Woke up to find his apt destroyed, and the feather bowas we had exploded everywhere. From from people told us, we spent all night body slamming and throwing each other around, screaming about our (championship) belts. It's also been shown (via cell phone) that we were at one point walking around times square. The only thing we're very sure of, is that most of us puked, and 0 puke found the toilet. So while the toilet was still fresh looking, the corner immediately adjacent to the toilet? Destroyed
Loko: 478
Not Loko: 436

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