Four Loko Stories
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kimboslice : soooooooo... me and my 2 best friends attempted the 4 fourloko challenge. nothing else just 4 lokos. after the 1st loko was downed we went to our colleges student art show. it wasnt untill we were inside around all the expensive artwork and sober professors that we realized we should not be in public. sooo after conversing with my academic advisor about the joys of my profession, we decided it was best that we get the fuck outta there. however on our way through the door we all did mamage to almost knock somethin over and sighn the guest book. So we proceeded to drive our drunk asses to the beach (15mins away) We downed another 4Loko during the drive, while proceeding to have a dance party in the car....not a good idea. At the beach we went to a friend of friends house, gave some lap dances, rejected some creepers, tore down a confederate flag(asshole) and stole some shades. Then we meandered our drunk bums to the sandy shore, where we wanted our feet to be exfoliated! So we would not have to pay for pedicures? after our feet had been exfoliated to the umteenth degree, we left the sandy shore, but gypsy (dumbdrunkass) left her phone on the beach! So we scrambled around like chickens with our heads cut off lookin for it, after about another half of a 4Loko we found it at the beach. DENNY"SSSSS our stomach called at midnight! Stumbling through the doors flabbergasted by the grilled cheese sandwiches with fired mozzarella sticks inside! Oh dear drunken munchies. We didn't stop there.... biscuits and gravy, french fries, egg and cheese sandwiches, pancakes, and onion rings (keep in mind this is 3 small girls) After gypsy got pissed she proceeded to yell fuck you at everyone in Denny's. We left a crappy tip, and crawled back to my dorm room, where we drank two full gallons of milk b4 passing out.... After a night like this how could you ban 4LOKO?
Loko: 49
Not Loko: 51

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