Four Loko Stories
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Andy Mac: Friend was having a bonfire in his backyard in the woods so i bought 2 lokos to prepare, drank the first one im all hype and talking my ass off, started getting sloppy on bp so i sit down drink my other one then people started to leave party started to chill out and before some friends left they gave me their naty and 4loko "unopened" so i took it, and decided to shotgun the naty i sat down for a while and was like damn that was a bad idea. threw up after 20 min still had control over my self kinda and my friends and i started talking and we had a discussion about fighting and shit so i talk my ass off saying if someone would mess with my brother i wouldnt just hurt them i would break their arm as in a comparison and how i would paralyzed your ankles in bbal instead of breaking so you wont stand up again then started round 2 with the 3rd loko as i talk more shit and finished it. we put the fire out and i get up like fuckkk i walk up the trails running like im leavinggg and stopped cause my friends told me to and i lean to the left then booom head falls to the right with momentum to the shed, friend said it was soo loud their suprised his parents didnt wake up and it didnt break so i get up and like im good yo and trip then im like im going to my car and their like dude wrong way , i go to the woods again lol, i come back they put me to my car and im like ok i wont drive throw my keys in my back seat lock my self in, friends like ok, 2 sec later open my door alarm goes on in the drive way at 4am their like dude wtf are you doing man chill out and i manage to find my keys with my eyes closed in pain. and then after i dont rememeber anything else but i was told i ran back to the garage then passed out in my friends truck, then ran into the house fell asleep on the floor when their was a open couch, morning time was horrible i was like damn i drank 3 lokos and shotgun a beer wtf was i thinking we went to shoney breakfast buffet im feeling like shit i had work at 330 it was 10 i went home threw up everything passed out woke up at 330 and i found out i had work at 3 so i get there still feeling like shit told my coworker whats wrong im sitting down go to the bathroom 4 times to throw up then 1 last time i threw up straight yellow and then instantly i felt like i wasnt hungover when i woke up except for my throat burning so pretty much if i can drink 3 loko and shotgun a beer weighing 170 then the kids that are fucking up causing lokos getting banned go fucking drink joose pussys
Loko: 57
Not Loko: 61

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