Four Loko Stories
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too light weighted: it was a typical saturday night, me and my friends tryna get hurt. none of us had ever tried a loko before, but we decided it was time to finally try. the 4 of us in the back of the homies car, one can for 2 people. we started drinking and ended up going to a friends kickback. the last thing i remember is yelling in the streets and coming home with the guy who was throwing the kickback. apparently we got inside my house and hooked up, and i remember spilling water all over my kitchen floor and thanking him for not getting mad? then I woke up in the middle of the night with my jeans and bra on, makeup still on my face, and contacts still in my eyes. i get up to see random shit thrown all over my floor. i go to the bathroom and see that vomit has been cleaned up by my mom. all this because of only HALF of a loko..i told my parents that i had a bad meal at panda express..
Loko: 451
Not Loko: 429

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