Four Loko Stories
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weber814: On the way back from Millwaukee for a baseball trip weekned at Miller Park, my pal Jeff was a few beers deep. We decided to stop in Ohio for a "few pops". As we walked toward the impressive beer spread in the refidgerators, the lights seamed to twinkle on this section of alcohol known as FOURloco. We saw this Rese Bobby looking beverage and we were in love right away with the 12% alcohol and cheesey graphic looks. ON TO THE LOCO LEGEND: My buddy Jeff (age 27) downed his first logo within 10 minutes. Within 20 minutes he was deeply insulting his younger brother (25), telling him he truly thinks he is a homosexual. He then tried to pee a gallon into a small chewing tobacco spit cup. As you can guess, he soaked himself in urine and pissed himself all over my jeep. It got so extreme that I had to pullover and ejaculate him from my vehicle. We pulled into a shit-hole gas station off an exit. Jeff then wondered into the woods. He came waddling back to the jeep with his peins hanging out and his pants to his ankles. He then stumbled into my jeep singing a slurred version of a Deftones song. His brother and my buddy were horrified. Stayed to for episode 2.
Loko: 67
Not Loko: 71

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