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Morgan: I was hanging out in Chicago last summer at this guy's house who I'd met on the internet, we bought 4 Four Loko's for the two of us to split. Watermelon is the best, imo. We were all sitting out on the porch and his extremely hot roommate came out and I started feeling awkward and tried to drink both of them as fast as I could in an effort to be more "social", or something. First one was fine, and then all I can remember after that is singing 3OH3!, and then being naked in the bathroom and throwing up on myself. I guess I had sex with my friend, and then went into the bathroom to puke right after, walked into his OTHER roommate's room who was asleep (doesn't drink at all) and had also just passed a kidney stone that day. He saw a shadowed figure in his room (me), got a knife and tried to stab my leg until he turned the lights on and I naked sleepwalked in circles in his room and tried to pee on his bed. Then tried to open the door and walk around Chicago streets (still naked) at like 5 am by myself. The door was locked, to my benefit. They don't have this shit in Canada, thank god.
Loko: 432
Not Loko: 396

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