Four Loko Stories
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Ryde or Die: I've had a few Four Lokos before, but the last time I had one was a disaster. It was 5 days before my 21st birthday on a Thursday night and I had a four loko plus a few shots of whiskey and at least 4 beers. And this was before going to the bar, which I somehow got into. I took a lot of Adderall before because I had a midterm earlier and I didn't know it would make me so thirsty and that mixing more than 2 kinds of alcohol was bad. Anyway, I went to the bar, drank more and eventually blacked out while there and woke up in a hospital bed not remembering anything from that point on. Apparently, while walking back to my college dorm, I was yelling random things at people and got knocked for disorderly conduct. Don't remember being locked up thankfully but then I hit my head and got put in the hospital and went home that weekend for fall break. I had been in trouble before at school and I ended up getting suspended for what happened that night plus a brand new case to deal with. Let's just say I would never touch another Four Loko with a 100 ft pole. Oh and I didn't drink or do anything for my 21st because I was not allowed to celebrate it at school or drink period fml. One positive is that I now plan to never got extremely intoxicated ever again. It was not fun.
Loko: 99
Not Loko: 92

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