Four Loko Stories
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Seabass: After hearing about the government banning the always delicious FOUR LOKO, my fraternity brothers decided to throw a Loko party. At the party I proceeded to drink my 2 Lokos and an unknown # of shots. I blacked out sometime so my friends filled in the rest of the night for me. The boys called sober phone, but on the ride home I accidentally touched the girl drivers' boob. She wasn't happy about this so I told her,"You're atrocious, I have a girlfriend!" I then proceeded to jump out the car window. I was next seen shirtless and pantless with dick flopping out talking to campus police. A frat bro quickly rescued me from an unfavorable fate and led me to my dorm. I rewarded him in the elevator by picking him up and holding him like a child. My last word before passing out in bed was,"Penis..." Without LOKO my adventure wouldn't have been possible.
Loko: 427
Not Loko: 410

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