Four Loko Stories
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naty: Had my 1st 4loko, it was ok, after my bro seeing me drink 1 he drunk 1 as well, didn't even make it passed half the can bcuz he was puking EVRYWHERE, THEN wen he finished we went out 2 the club , b4 going in the club, I had another 4 loko, he was still a lil drunk from the last 1 so he ended up drinkin most of mine, wen we got in the club, can't find my brother, he's grinding on the wall, (the wall was deff holding him up lol), so I went on dancing and its almost closing time at the club, cudnt find him so I left found my brother have a 3 sum with 2 other men, mind u he's gayfobic, den he step out the car tripped, fell flat on his face busted his lip n lost his 2 front teeth, epic nite, next morning he cudnt remember anything! Showed him the videos n he started crying
Loko: 85
Not Loko: 80

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