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DJ: so tonight i got out of work at like 1230AM and me and some friends from work drank four lokos and tilt so we went up to another sonic and we were all fine like 4 four lokos deep or something i dont even know butr all of a sudden my friend pulls on a side street cuz i need to pee and this 250 pound guy falls out of the car and pukes everywhere we drive back to his house his car included and he says its not his house probbably like 3am by this point we get his brother outside and he stands in the front yard with him while hes passed out in the rain on the front lawn not movie we all had a fantastic time and realized never party w. this kid again aha i am loko four loko so we will continue drinking it just not w. this kid everrrrr again crazy ass night was a lot of fun hanging out of sun roofs and shit just hate when ppl decide to die on the side of the road i love you four loko<3
Loko: 352
Not Loko: 370

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