Four Loko Stories
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4BROko: It was a Thursday night, and FUCK I was thirsty. I stopped to grab some LOKO's and ended up finishing one, and cracking into another by the time I got back to my bro-pad. I wanted to pre-game the pre-game, cause to be honest with you, who wants to sit around and drink with a bunch of people while making small talk? I was trying to get as fucked up as quickly as possible. I finished my second LOKO and started on the third. Bad idea? Hell no. Hammered? Hell Yes. I started having a gray-out, remembering only that I was hungry and wanted to go to the bar to get some wings. before the pre-game at 9. I woke up 14 hours later with a voice mail from the local police station asking me to come in and give a statement about my public urination and public drunkenness. I got LOKO'd
Loko: 434
Not Loko: 401

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