Four Loko Stories
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VikingGoneLoko: The night started with my good friend and i each killing a four loko and a 24 of Old English in about 15-20 min during a drinking game. Turned out that there was about 6-8 shots of tequila in his fridge. That was gone soon after. This is when the blackout hit. I somehow managed to climb up the Ridge and found my way to my other friends room where a few beers were killed. Soon there after i some how got to my room and decided that a shower was a good idea. I was woken up naked at 8am still in the shower. Turns out i had passed out naked in the shower over the drain. I flooded the bathroom, my room and my suitemates room with standing water. Oh Four Loko.
Loko: 480
Not Loko: 426

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