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Gnomes: My cousin, our friend, I'll call him Skins and I were at my cousins place, which was a shack behind his grandparents house in a small dimly lit room with sheets acting as blinds. We started off the night with 4 Four Loko's, I finished my first one, grape(?) in a half an hour and talked Skin's into splitting a second one with me. Then... my idea to try to do the splits, to my surprise and pain - I was able to do them. I thought I'd show off and bounce up and down while doing the splits, with both of the tops of my feet on the carpeted floor. Blacked out. I woke up to: perfect dime sized rug burns that looked like I got stigmata on the tops of my feet. I swear a torn inner thigh. And a purple stain, which I was informed was my barf.
Loko: 61
Not Loko: 61

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