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CKY: Stopped by my buddys place before heading out to a houseparty and he insisted that I try a four loko or 2 for the pregame. Hadnt tried them before so I agreed. Slammed down 2 and a half watermelons(split the 3rd) and ripped a shot of vodka and rolled out. 5 mins after we showed up I drank a beer and it all hit me at once. Last thing I remember was arguing with some grenades at the beerpong table then next thing I know I'm waking up in the bushes in front of my house in a pile of pink puke with one of my shoes missing and scrapes on my face and a huge cut on my back. Aparently I flipped over the pong table, stuck some kid in the face, dropkicked a hole in the wall and bounced all of which I have no recollection of aside from my battle wounds. Had one of the top 3 worst hangovers ive ever had and I pissed off alot of people I know. Still dont know how I made it home in one piece. Thank You Four Loko!!!!
Loko: 432
Not Loko: 411

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