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DONTGETJERRIED: SO me & my best friend get back from Santa Barbara after being away for a few weeks & go to a party like normal with all the usual friends. . . and tonight we drink 4 four lokos between us . . . well i was outside with a friend while she was inside, we were separated for about an hour or so, then i realize i lost my phone, so I go inside to look for it as me & my best friend cross paths, she says shes goin into the car to wait, then Jerry decides to help me "find my phone" and convinced me it may have been in his room because thats where my best friend was. . . Long story short, I wake up the next morning to tell my best friend "I slept with Jerry last night" . . . . her response "NO YOU DIDNT!. . . . I SLEPT WITH JERRY LAST NIGHT!" baahahahahahaahahahaha dont get Jerried!
Loko: 342
Not Loko: 345

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