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firstexperience: SO i decided to try four loko for my sisters bday. We went to a place where we can do a lazy river and rapids ride on the potomac river. We got on the lazy river part which was about and hour and half, ended up drinking 2 four lokos 1 before we started and one during. I dont remember getting off my tube for the lazy river part. We ate lunch and then did the rapids part. I dont remember any of this and some how got lost and the first thing i remembered was partying with a bunch of people on this one rock of the river. I asked them what time it was and he said 7:30 at night. The buses from the rapids last come around 5:00 so i had been missing for over 2 hours. My tube was completely deflated and had to have one of the guys blow it up for me and so i then float down the river by myself and go through the woods, lost as shit, no sandals either just my lifevest and inner tube and walk around lost for god knows how long and then a pregnant lady was kind enough to take me back to the place which was 10 mins away, and mean while they had called the police and had rescue teams out looking for me! my mom thought i died. So ridiculous
Loko: 222
Not Loko: 241

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