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TooDrunkq: *Sigh* well One boring night I waited at home by myself on a friend to arrive I was determined to get (Pilt,Blitz,Stoopid)We were going to a bakyard party but before goin I grabbed a loko and a pint of Vodka loko was the chaser arrived to the party felt outta place so I smashed the loko and vodka and felt great me and a friend ran to the car to get more beer and it went downhill frm there dnt remember much after guzzling those beers my friend said I started jumping around pouring beer all over me and this is when the party was over I refused to leave the party my friend and I wrestled all the way to the car and I still refused to get in once I finally did get in we were travling on the interstate and he said tht I continued to grab and pull at the wheel trying to run us off the road arrived to my parents house thnk God friend helping me in and we stumbled kicking walls making extreme commotion at 5am in the morn I passed out for maybe 30 min got out the bed fell straight to my face while pissing my pants Dad said I was in the restroom flicking the light banging the wall yelling Code Blue idk why when he came to see wht was wrg I yelled and cursed him asking why the Fuck he wasnt helping me clean my room most of wht I was saying he cldnt even understand after tht went in room pissed more stripped and got in the bed wondering WTF went on lastnight in the morning...FuckFourLoko never again
Loko: 343
Not Loko: 346

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