Four Loko Stories
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blow, not suck. : Me and my roommate and a couple of friends were pregaming with a loco b4 goin to a party, and at the party i drank one more, which is a solid pregame for me. i've been drinkin for four years and put down 2 lokos almost weekly since i discovered em over a year ago. so i start drinking beer after my loko and by the second one i was blacked out. 2 lokos and 2 beers and i was gone. never before in my life. i was arrested tryin to walk home, after i was unable to do a breathalyzer because i sucked it like a bowl instead of blowing thru it. i woke up in jail, didnt know where i was or what i did. havent drank loko since. my birthday is comin up tho =)
Loko: 345
Not Loko: 356

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