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stellap87: Decided to pregame my best friends 21st birthday that saturday. Me and a friend went out to the local Noodle and bought 8 lokos for me and our guests. During the course of the night I drank two and a half four lokos and had 3 shots. Apparently I made out with half of the party, yelled at my friend on the phone for not coming to the party, hooked up with another girl who was not one of my friends, cried in a room and madeout with another guy in that room, went in the student escort with my friend and ended up at larry's steaks. Cried again I wanted to go home, ran into friends, did a lap around the store. My friend stuck me in the escort who I somehow talked into taking me back to my car. drove back to my apartment. my friend rach pulled me out of my car at my place. my guy friends showed up. I then proceeded to run around more this time, but around my building while my friends tried to catch me. Offered to have a 4 some with my guy friends. Offered my girl a foursome with my guy friends. made my friend go outside and check on my car. ended up face in the toliet with two guy friends supporting me while i got sick. woke up with no hangover the next day. awesome. lol
Loko: 431
Not Loko: 418

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