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lokoforever: Four Loko and I have been best friends for almost 9 months now. He has caused me to jump out of a two-story window, allowed me to dump a strawberry cake and grind it into the hardwood foyer of a friend's house, bring another cake out onto a golf course at 3am and throw said cake onto the hood of a friends car and smear it all over the windows, travel 400 miles and stomp on a porcelain baby doll only to frighten 30+ people I had just met, cut my foot while smashing a porcelain baby and then trudge up two flights of white carpeted stairs only to pull the pieces from my foot, climb on top of and straddle a friend while shoving small marshmallows into her mouth and my own mouth whilst wearing a hamburger hat, walk the streets wearing a banana suit and chemistry goggles, steal 5 pairs of sandals from a friend who needed them to walk the 2+ miles to her house while claiming they were all mine (I hadn't even worn sandals that night, I wore sneakers) and wrapping a banana suit around her shoulders when she claimed she needed a sweatshirt then shoved her out the door, and I'm sure there is more but Four Loko and I have a rocky relationship where he hits me so hard I tend to black out. <3
Loko: 423
Not Loko: 395

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