Four Loko Stories
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BROsen: We decided it would be a great idea to pre-game with Four Lokos before running in Bay to Breakers, a 7 mile footrace across San Francisco. I pounded 2 Four Lokos, a water bottle of Vodka, and a bottle of Andre (just to keep things classy)--all in one hour while we were on the metro. The rest of the day is a blur. Apparently, after finding and throwing tortillas at another runner, he proceeded to choke me in the middle of the street in broad daylight. But that didnt stop me! I ran two miles uphill and eventually passed out next to a first aid tent at Alamo Park, across the street from the "Full House" house. I was woken up when a Police officer grabbed the Four Loko I was clutching in my hands, poured it out and then threw the crushed up can onto me--all while threatening to arrest me for public intoxication. I somehow talked my way out of it--and hitched a $70 limo ride home. Success.
Loko: 520
Not Loko: 429

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