Four Loko Stories
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CincyLoko: I had 1 loko, followed by 3 liters of beer (not light beer) at a German restaurant, as well as a couple of unknown shots. Continued to drink all night, but minus the loko, nothing out of the ordinary, and I never really get out of control. This night was different. I woke up in my recliner, no recollection of how i got home, and a half drank bottle of Pedialyte in my lap, opened. My roommate told me the next day he could not get me to move. I was later told by a friend, who heard from someone who had been with me, "Heard you were drinkin beer out of fat girls boobs at the bar." I played it off saying that I was drunk but not that drunk. Come to find out, it was extremely true, confirmed by 3 people. I drink quite a bit and never get like this so it had to have been the LOKO
Loko: 431
Not Loko: 398

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