Four Loko Stories
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LokoKitty: Well, my best friend and i kicked off our saturday night by making a quick run to a drive thru convenience store to pick up our lokos, which is what we do every weekend. We repeatedly get completely hammered by four Loko, and yet still buy them every weekend. We end up bringing them with us for a night in the city. We go to a japanese restaurant and bring our lokos because my friend and i were feeling cheap, and did not want to spend money on actual drinks, while our other friend got some sake and beer. The waitress came up to me and asked "What is that?" and i told her it was ice tea that i had and i poured it in my glass. She knew i was lying, but turned and left us alone. Since we are underage, and didnt want to get kicked out, i decided to drink my loko as quickly as possible. Finally i finish and i am feeling pretty tipsy, but i wasnt quite done. I decided to drink about half a personal of sake... lets just say, DONT EVER FUCKING DO IT. We then walked outside, saw some guidos (which i hate) and within 10 seconds i was making out with one. They then turned around and left. we got a cab, went to union square, sat in the middle of the sidewalk and then went back to Penn Station to go home. In penn station we got mcdonalds, where managed to spill iced tea everywhere and all over my food. Then my friend and i went up to one of the little vendors that sell beer. I stood there for a moment, looked at the guy and stole a beer right in front of him and hid it in my jacket. Somehow he didnt notice, and neither did anyone else (need i remind you i DO NOT steal). We then got back to my friends house where i took a million pictures of myself half naked and posted them on facebook (a common affect of loko). Finally after my friend and i decided to order porn so we could get my other friend mad while she tried sleeping, we passed the fuck out. I WILL FOREVER MISS FOUR LOKO.
Loko: 62
Not Loko: 72

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