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Atlantic Shitty: Decided to try Four Loko for a night in AC. Split half on the drive there with my buddy, drank another whole one before going out, tasted the other 4 that we got several times....went to see Daniel Tosh and drank two giant fosters...asked everyone in both casinos I deemed shady enough if they had coke (which i have never tried before and wasnt even going to do)...was waitin for the jitney but decided to ditch my friends and the girls we met and ran from the borgata to harrahs to ask more people for more friends at this point...yelled at the security guard at The Pool that I am not too drunk to be let in and for some reason he let me in...blaaannkk...on stage friend has apparently been with me the whole time and givin me drinks....bllaannkkk...jump in pool....blaannkk...wet and in some kitchen with a bunch of guys laughin at whatever i am babling friends for real this time...end up in a elevator, think i pissed in it, see two of my friends who have no idea what i am sayin...wake up in the morning face down on the floor, heart racing, no shirt or shoes, soaking wet jeans, cell phone next to my head with a note that says room 5016 (or 5061) and wallet is missing...ends up i told the dancers at the pool i was a photographer, gave away all my business cards that are not for photography, back flipped into the pool, got yelled at for bein on stage wet, and lost $300 (got my wallet form security tho).......totally looking forward to drinkin four loko again and goin to ac, just gonna leave my money far away
Loko: 538
Not Loko: 460

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